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These galleries contain artwork.
Some of it is creepy, some is spooky, and some is just for grown-ups.

Please proceed with caution!

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Final printed images do not contain watermarks.
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New Work

Body Modifications




Cut Paper Collages







Graphic Design

This in an incomplete gallery of graphic design projects for various clients. I have been focussing on writing and other projects for the past several years, but I still find time to do some freelance photo editing, design, and layout work. Please contact me for quotes and more information.

Coming Soon...

Website Design

Over the years I've learned enough HTML, CSS, and a tiny bit of JavaScript, to cobble together a few simple websites by brute force and trial & error. In theory, I would like to understand the code better, but other projects tend to keep me occupied, and I have not yet found a no-code web design tool I like that might make the process simpler for me and save time and headaches, but I am always open to tips and recommendations. Here are the sites I've built:





*A note on page navigation: The galleries are scrolling windows with sliders that contain anywhere from 4 to 25 images. I switched from iframes for better viewing on iOS. Google Chrome seems to hide scroll bars, but clicking on the gallery and using the arrow keys should work if you are having trouble with a mouse. Any other problems, please email me.

*A note on titles and image categories: Most of the images have working titles that I use to keep the pieces straight in my head and in my computer folders. Some of the titles are obvious, some are based on source material, and some are random associations that persisted through the current version of the image. A few are descriptive titles I just added for the site. Many of the styles and themes overlap among sets of images, and I rarely think of my artwork as grouped in clear, static categories.

*A note on watermarks and copyright: Digital images tend to wander around freely on the internet and get orphaned. Beacuse I am trying to make a living from my art and design I decided to watermark everything, but I tried to be subtle about it. I like sharing ideas and images with interested people, and for now (as long as nobody goes crazy, hot-linking will remain enabled. If you have a site where less ugly watermarking would be better, we can probably work something out.