Here is some of my 3D work.

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Sculpture 1

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Paper mache hand, lifesize, 2004 or 2005

Paper mache hand, lifesize, 2004 or 2005

Lightbulb Spider, 2005 or 2006

Spider, c. 2003
found stone and welded steel

I found the broken stone penis in the bear or tiger cages in the abandoned section of Boston's Franklin Park Zoo.
Strange, to say the least...

Rabbit skull, fishing reel, EPROM sound modules, and oak.
Charlie and I found the skull on the same trip to the abandoned zoo, and I had to fight him for it. Turn the crank to make the jaw open and close, push the buttons for sound clips. I made the box from quartered oak, with front and top doors.
A lot of the photos from my old camera got corrupted, and I haven't had a chance to retake them.

You can also jack into the box from 1/4" and 1/8" ports, and I rigged up a glove/brace to trigger the sounds.

This was an Animaniacs fortune teller box.
To open the box to replace the Babs Bunny figure I had to grind a nail into a security screwdriver.
Pull the lever and the wheel spins to answer your question.

Babies, maybe 2003 or 2004.
I've always done this kind of thing with gummy bears. I ordered a thousand or so plastic babies for another project but they were the wrong size so I had to figure out other uses for them, and I still have at least a few hundred left.

Tools, maybe 2003, wood and wire. I've been wanting to continue this project and I just got a new bandsaw so I might pick up where Ieft off soon.

Modified plastic Halloween skeleton, 2012

Bones, carved from scrap wood, 2012,
the first pair in a series I'd been planning to start for a while.

Testing the limits of my bandsaw and rotary tool.
Made from scrap, probably redwood.
These were almost too delicate for power tools.


I don't yet have many pictures of my fired ceramic pieces or sculpey work, but plan to gradually add things as I shoot them.

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Clay heads and bodies from a figure modeling class, 2003 or 2004.

These are small (5-6") versions of a hermaphroditic form I've been developing. I also have two larger (10 and 12") glazed stoneware fountains, but no pictures yet. The form is influenced by Japanese ceramic tanuki statues.


I like working with circulating water. Here are a couple of fountain projects, more to follow.

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Gothic Fountain (in progress)
The other shots show it installed in the FEED show at Redtail Studios, Boston, MA 2009

WabiSabi Bamboo Collective installation, Santa Rosa, CA, Harmony Festival, 2010.
The pavilion was about 75-feet in diameter and 40-feet tall, with hand-dyed fabrics providing much-needed shade for concerts, dancing, yoga, and other activities. I designed and built a cooling 25-foot-high fountain around the center support columns.

That's me.


I have been playing with wearable sculpture since about 2000. Something about confining the body and freezing gestures is compelling. This is a sampling from over the years.

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I think this is the first hand brace I made.
aluminum wire, 2000

Head Vibrator, 2004

Arm and Hand Braces, steel on wood and plexiglass, c. 2004

I think I made this in 2003.
plaster cast of my arm, welded steel, cotton webbing, pins

It was pretty heavy and usually stabbed me when I got near it, so I threw it out before the move across the country.

Tongue Brush, 2003
latex stuffed with dryer lint, modified toothbrush

Sculpture 2

These pictures were a little tall for the other galleries.

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c. 2004, wax cast of my hand, found wood, modified fruit crate

c. 2002, welded steel

c. 2004. paper mache and crutch, never finished