I make a lot of artwork using repeating patterns. Here is a sample.

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Caterpillar, 2000

Corset, 2003

Crabs, 2000

Fence, 2002

Star Electric, 2002

2003 or 2004

Arms, 2004

Arms Wallpaper, 2004

Tile, 2005

Devil Cat, 2003

Sakura, 2004

Ribs, 2010-2011
This was inspired by a shirt worn by Mila Kunis on an episode of That 70's Show.
It was a quick sketch that I later used to start learning to make Flash animations.

...and here is the shirt.

This is a set of skulls I made for Day of the Dead, 2011, drawn and multiplied in Photoshop.
They look nice in framed sets of 5x7" or 8x10" prints, or can be printed as a large continuous images in any arrangement.