Body Modifications

These are digital manipulations of bodies and body parts that I have been working on from around 1999 to the present. Some start with my own photographs, some are from found sources, and some I build from scratch in the computer. Many of the styles and themes overlap with my other sets of images, and I rarely think of my artwork as grouped in clear, static categories.

Use the sliders or arrow keys to scroll right or left in each gallery. Final printed images do not contain watermarks.

Early Work 1999-2000

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Sponge, 1999

Muybridge Legspider, 1999

Hands, 1999

Hands, 1999

Mike Stab, 1999

Nadya Scars, 1999

Elbows, 2000

Billy, 1999

Shoulder, 1999

Plate Monsters, 1999

Early Work 2000-2002

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Bonsai, 2002

Cracker, 2001

Ginger, 2002

Healthy Suit, 2001

Frog, 2002

Seated Disk, 2001

Flesh 3, 2001 or 2002

Flesh 4, 2001 or 2002


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2003 or 2004

Crabs, 2000

Fence, 2002

Corset and Hands, 2004 & 2005
(Other, non-blurry versions of these are in the Hands and Patterns galleries)

Monkey Tails, 2010

Elk, 2011